Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Welcome to your all-in-one exterior painting solution in Toronto. At Essential Painting you will find all painting related services you could ever require. We are the top-rated painters in Toronto and can proudly present our teams of qualified and expert craftsmen to handle any paint work for you.

At Essential Painting we specialise in exterior painting. Our professional painters are fully licensed and insured, offering you peace of mind and specialised experience rarely found in the painting industry.

Customer satisfaction is Essential Painting’s biggest priority. With open and honest collaboration with all our clients from the start to the completion of your painting project, Essential Painting services will leave you impressed and completely satisfied.

With no project to big or small for Essential Painting, we will make your planned painting endeavour a pleasant and stress-free experience.

We specialise in the painting of all types of residential buildings, industrial buildings and every size commercial building or business premises out there. Essential Painting has the relevant technical experience and product expertise you could only attain by more than ten years of work in the industry.

 Residential Exterior Painting

Essential Painting’s team of specialist painters will transform the exterior of your home. Essential Painting is able to make light work of any surface or material on the exterior of your residence. Our services go beyond just the outside walls of your home. Fences, doors, decks and garages can all be painted by our professional painters.

 Commercial Exterior Painting

Keeping in mind that the outside of any business creates a lasting first impression on your potential and existing clients, Essential Painting will collaborate with you extensively for the duration of the painting project to ensure minimal disruptions to staff and clients while we are working. While working to complete the project even before the projected end-date, Essential Painting will never compromise on the quality or the durability of the work we do.

 Industrial Exterior Painting

Considering the great variety of industrial size buildings, we at Essential Painting are the top-rated painters in Toronto and our specialised painters are proudly able to offer our exterior painting services for any project, no matter the size. With our deep pool of knowledge and experience, no surface or finishes on the exterior of any size buildings will be beyond our capabilities.

 For any type of property, Essential Painting specialises in all of the following fields:

 Fence Painting

Starting on the outline of your property, our team of experienced exterior painters will be able to refresh the look of an older existing fence or assist with the painting of any newly installed fence at your property. With expert preparation of the surfaces before the painting even begins, our guarantee of a durable and lasting end result can be assured. Using only the best quality products available on the market, your newly painted fence will look exceptional for years to come at your business or your home.

 Door Painting

The front door to your business or home can be seen as a greeting to your guests or clients coming to call. A modern and flawless finish on your front door will welcome everyone. Whether you are planning to give the existing door to your home a fresh updated look or you are in the process of installing a whole new entrance to your business, Essential Painting can make the vision you have in mind, become reality. By offering expert advice obtained from years of service in the industry, our consultants can assist in your decision making process by presenting you with available choices on the types of finishes available and any paint colour options that you could want. The result will be the best possible outcome for your unique entrance.

 Exterior Brick Painting

With Essential Paintings experienced team of brick painters, the outside of your home or business can be completely transformed. By using only premium quality products available on the market today, exterior brick walls can be repainted with a modern and vibrant colour on your choice. A never before painted brick wall can also be painted to genuinely change the ambience of a whole building and its surroundings. Starting with meticulous preparation of the exterior brick walls by our team of exterior painters, you can be assured that the final result will be flawless masterpiece for all to marvel at.

 Aluminum Siding Painting

Essential Painting specialists can change the whole appearance of a building’s exterior by painting the aluminum sidings. With a team of fully licensed and insured painters at Essential Painting, the sidings are prepared according to the best method in the industry. Durability and an aesthetically pleasing look are guaranteed by using only the finest quality products available. Our team of exterior painters will not consider the project completed until you are sincerely satisfied.

Stucco Painting

Any exterior wall finishes can be painted by Essential Painting’s team of expert painters. Stucco finishes on the walls of your home or office will be prepared diligently. Any minor imperfections will be corrected and the whole surface area perfectly prepared before painting. By using only the highest quality and appropriate product types, our painters will leave you completely satisfied with the final result.

Garage Exterior Painting

At Essential Painting we know how every part of a property adds to the overall atmosphere around you. Our team of professional painters will transform your garage with detailed preparations and a perfect finish. No project to big or small for Essential Painting. The size of any project does not matter to us, you will always have our quality and satisfaction guarantee.

Deck Painting and Staining

With an unwavering focus on every detail of your deck, Essential Painting are able to paint or stain your deck into a eye catching, perfectly finished feature that will add value to your home. Taking the texture and colour of your deck into account, Essential Painting will advise you on the perfect and most modern look that can be achieve for your deck. Using only premium quality products and the latest techniques our exterior painters and strainers will preserve your deck and leave you completely satisfied with the final result. 

Creating the perfect finish and having a completely satisfied customer are the main goals we at Essential Painting strive for. We are the top-rated exterior painters in Toronto and we achieved this milestone by offering and delivering only the best service to our customers for more than ten years now.