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Deck Staining and Painting

Essential Painting is the only name you need to remember when you are looking for the best professional painters in the Toronto area. With over a decade of experience in the industry we have achieved the status of being the most sought after and top-rated professional painters in Toronto.

Transparent pricing and free quotation

Whether you are embarking on an adventure to transform your existing deck at home or you have chosen to upgrade your property by adding a new deck, your journey with Essential Painting starts with a scheduled appointment to meet with one of our industry leading consultants. Our consultant will arrive ready to discuss your ideas for your deck and bring their ample experience with deck painting or staining to the table. They will provide you with an obligation free and comprehensive quote within 24 hours after your appointment. Essential Painting can proudly state there are no hidden costs or unclear terminology. Exceptional customer satisfaction is our main motivation and we are always committed to giving you, our customer, only the best.

 Colour consultation

If you are experiencing any doubt regarding the colour choice of the deck or if you are have trouble deciding on the final look you want your deck to portray, you always have the option to take up the free colour consultation we offer our clients with every project. You can be presented with a portfolio of modern and stylish deck finishes, while taking every detail of your deck into consideration. The existing finish on your deck, the colour and texture of the wood and even the exterior of your home influences the overall perception of your newly renovated and updated deck. Essential Painting’s consultants are able to give you expert advice on the best suited colour and types of industry leading materials available. Our consultation service and collaboration with you, will not only guarantee a stunning finish of your deck, but ensure Essential Painting achieves exactly what you envision. Essential Painting can ensure years of enjoyment, guaranteed by the durability of the products Essential Painting uses.

Project Management

As part of our commitment to being the best professional painters in Toronto and offering you an all inclusive experience, you will receive a detailed and clearly indicated project timeline with your estimate within 24 hours from Essential Painting. The start and end date of the project will be clearly indicated and you can rest assured knowing the project will be completed on time. We will always take your schedule into consideration and our aim is to provide you with a stress free experience and every effort is taken to minimise any disruptions to your daily life.


At Essential Painting we know the secret to achieving a great finish is determined by the correct and meticulous preparation of surfaces before applying the final coat of paint or stain. Our professional painters will see to it that attention is given to every last detail during the deck preparation. Repairs are done to the deck where needed using only the best methods and industry standards. No short-cuts and quick fixes. Essential Painting takes pride in the work we do for our customers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when Essential Painting takes on a project.

Materials and Techniques

Only after the diligent preparation of the deck is done, our team of professional painters will start with the painting or staining of the deck. By using only the best available materials on the market we will guarantee the colour and durability of the paint you chose. While staining or painting, our specialists uses only the latest proven industry leading techniques, thereby ensuring your deck will boast with a modern and stylish finish. This is where more than ten years of experience at Essential Painting will benefit you our valued customer the most. Our exceptional painters have done it all before; from the neglected and run down looking decks, to brand new installed decks, and anything in between.  Essential Painting’s team of expert seasoned professionals know exactly how to achieve the best looking and most durable outcome for your deck while always achieving your stated desired end results.

Range of Projects

Essential Painting’s fully licensed and insured specialist deck painters and strainers can offer you so much more around your home. We are able to revitalise and maintain the durability of any wood features or installations you could have around your house or in your garden. All porches and patios can be made to look like new again, using the same industry leading techniques as we apply when revitalising your decks. Detailed preparation and our guaranteed quality finish with the leading products on the market will add to the overall value and presentation of your home, preserving the features around you home for years to come. The garden gazebo can be given a fresh new inviting look that will make your time spent there, an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Customer Satisfaction

Essential Painting will guarantee you a stress-free experience. Creating the perfect finish and having complete customer satisfaction are the main goal Essential Painting strives for. We do not consider a project completed until you are 100% satisfied with the end result.

We are the top-rated painters in Toronto and we achieved this milestone by offering and delivering only the best service to our customers. With an unwavering focus on every detail of your deck, porch or patio, Essential Painting are able to deliver to you an eye catching, perfectly finished feature that will add value to your home while impressing friends and family alike.