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Custom Home Painting

At Essential Painting we know home is where the heart is. You have found the company that will make your heart  happy and we will be happy by delivering the best paint team you can dream of.

Essential Painting knows that your home is one of your biggest investments and our dedicated team of experts will journey with you to turn your vision, into your reality.

Essential Painting will offer you the best skilled experts of interior residential home painters in your area. While taking great care of your furniture and floors while working, our teams can transform any room inside your home into a unique and stunning masterpiece.

Whether you need only one room painted or the whole inside of your home or apartment, no project is too big or small for the Essential Painting team. We will remove wallpaper where needed and prepare any surface to a perfectly smooth finish before painting. By using the best quality products available on the market, the results are guaranteed.

Our comprehensive list of painting services means that Essential Painting is fully equipped to handle all of your custom home painting requirements.

Inside, outside or around your home, Essential Painting has the experience and the expertise to transform your house, into your dream home.

Our reputation as Toronto’s top-rated house painting company means we are able to take care of any of your home’s exterior surfaces.  No task to big or small for us. Essential Painting has much more to offer, than just painting the outside of your home.

Interior Custom Home Painting

Apartment Painting

With our team of licensed professional painters, we have experts available to paint any room in your apartment. Drywall imperfections are corrected while preparing the walls before painting, thus ensuring a flawless and smooth finish every time.

Bathroom Painting

With our team of experienced bathroom painters at Essential Painting, your bathroom can be transformed into calming oasis for relaxation and pure enjoyment. The professional painters will guarantee the use of the correct products to ensure durability and their meticulous attention to detail will leave your bathroom with a perfectly finished result.

Bedroom Painting

By giving a free colour consultation with every project, Essential Painting will be sure to turn your vision for your bedrooms into reality. With coordinated colour choices and perfectly finished lines, you can expect perfect result every time.

Kitchen Painting

It can be said that the kitchen is the heart of any home. Essential Painting will collaborate with you to achieve your desired result. Whether your aim is to achieve a warm and inviting family gathering space, or you prefer a more industrial feel with clean lines and shining surfaces, the professional painters will ensure the finished product meet all your expectations. Our painters use only the best available materials and the latest techniques to ensure quality is delivered to our clients with every project.

Living Room Painting

Our team of experience interior painters will take care of all the paintwork in your living room. Great attention is given to all trims and finishes, leaving your home with a crisp new look. The careful and detailed preparation of all surfaces ensures a smooth and flawless finish on every wall.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Our cabinet painters and stain crew will help you decide on the perfect option for your cabinets. Essential Paintings will deliver a flawless and durable finish for your cabinets.

Staircase Painting and Staining

Essential Painting can offer a wide variety of staircase painting or staining services to you. We will conduct a joint inspection after the project is completed and work with you until you are completely satisfied with the end product.

Condominium Painting

Every area of your condominium can be transformed by our expert condominium painters at Essential Painting. The team specialize in creating stunning living spaces. With great attention to detail they are able to enhance your living space.