Front Door Painting

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Front Door Painting

 As Toronto’s top-rated house painting company, Essential Painting will deliver exceptional quality and elite craftsmanship for every project we undertake. Our workforce consists of the most reliable painters Toronto has to offer. Our team of brilliant local painters can boast with their vast fields of expertise accompanied by many years of experience in the painting industry. You have found the one company in Toronto that can present you with an all-inclusive solution for any professional painting service you might need.

 Essential Painting can help you drastically elevate your home’s curb appeal with a beautifully painted or stained front door. Aside from preserving your front door for years to come and removing any signs of exposure to the elements your front door might have currently, a newly painted and well maintained front door creates a neat and presentable home for anyone who comes to call.

 Regardless of the shape and size of your door, Essential Painting’s team of specialist painters will be able to transform the entrance of your home, giving it a stylish and modern new look. Whether you are planning to update the front door with a new coat of paint or stain, or you are in the process of installing a new front door, Essential Painting can turn your vision into reality.

Door Materials

With our extensive range of specialist, Essential Painting’s team of front door painters are up to any task when it comes to painting all types of door surfaces. Essential Painting has experience with all types of front doors, existing and a bit worn to the newly installed showpieces. Steel doors can be restored and repainted, leaving it looking like new. Fibreglass doors are given a new lease on life with our team of painters, turning the ordinary front door into an eye-catching and extraordinary showpiece. Wooden doors of all shapes and sizes can be painted or stained to match the exterior of your home. The type of front door material will not limit what our professional painters can achieve.

Door Designs

If your home has a single door needing attention after a rough winter season or you are just craving a change, Essential Painting can deliver. Your beautiful double front doors can be elegantly painted to highlight their grand appearance by our team of experts. If your front door is adorned with stylish sidelights or transoms, Essential Painting’s team of specialist painters can deliver the vision you have in mind. Doors with incorporated glass panels can be turned into a unique and elegant work of art that will leave you impressed and completely satisfied.

Transparent Pricing and Free Quotation

Being Toronto’s top-rated professional house painters means our dedicated team of specialist are with you from start to finish on every project. Essential Painting’s high level of service starts with a no obligation and free quote you will receive within 24 hours from our consultant. Our quotes will be drawn up with your available budget in mind and you will be presented with the best value for your money option to paint or stain your front door.

Colour Consultation

With more than ten years experience in the painting industry, Essential Painting’s can confidently offer you a free colour consultation with every project. During the consultation you will be presented with a complete range of available colours and stains for your front door. Essential Painting will also bring their expert knowledge to the table when it comes to available materials. We will guide you to only the best quality products on the market to ensure a beautiful and durable painted front door.

Project Management

Essential Painting offers you an all-in-one solution when it comes to painting the front door of your home. As part of the quotation we will include the project time-line. Essential Painting will schedule the start date according to your preferred and available time and include the end-of-project date. We are proud to present a guarantee for the completion of the project as scheduled to all our clients. This is just one of our exceptional commitments that make us Toronto’s top-rated professional painting companies!


At Essential Painting, our team of fully licensed and experienced professional painters knows the secret to a flawless finish lies in the preparation of the front door. Using tried and tested industry leading techniques, they will prepare the surface of the front door to a flawless and blemish free state before the painting or staining begins. Any repairs to the front door are done during this preparation phase. Essential Painting will take care of any dents and scratches, restoring the front door to its original glory before applying any paint or stain.


Essential Paintings specialist painters are the best Toronto has to offer. Our teams are expertly skilled and able to professionally use the latest industry leading techniques available to paint the front door of your home. Our painters will achieve a quality finish with a durability guarantee you will enjoy for years to come.

Materials Used

Using only the finest quality paint and materials available on the market today, Essential Painting is able to maintain our high standards and flawless reputation in Toronto. The type of surface we are painting and the final texture of the finish dictates the materials we use. The applications of the products are always done according to the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions. To maintain our top-rated position in Toronto, you can be sure we will only use the most durable and highest quality products available. With this level of commitment from our painters, we can confidently guarantee your complete satisfaction with the end result.  

Guarantee Given

Essential Painting offers you a complete satisfaction guarantee on all projects, big or small. Our professional painters will not consider the project complete until you are 100% satisfied with the final result. By effective collaboration with you from the very start of the project, we make sure we understand your vision for the project entirely and our specialist painters will dedicate all work towards achieving the goal you set before us. Nothing but your complete satisfaction will be enough for Essential Painting.

Let Essential Painting help you make a charming and welcoming statement with the front door of your home. A front door with a modern and flawless finish will greatly enhance any home’s curb appeal. Welcome the world to your home with front door painting done by Essential Painters today.